The Gypsy

Mysterious Fortune Teller


She appears to be in her mid-twenties and dressed much like a classic gypsy fortune teller with jewelry and layers upon layers of thin clothing no one seemed to recall any identifying features.


She aided [Josh], [Chris], [Sammy], [James], [AJ] early in there lives by helping them escape a series of unrelated supernatural events that would have left them in an early grave. Though the original encounter with her remains distant and only [James] recalls it clearly.

It is known by the group that along with the cards she was witnessed conjuring fire that smelt of the grave trying to break down a barrier that prevented there escape and her entrance into the house.

The group has a hard time describing her and though they can distinctly tell who it is when they meet her once that encounter is over they forget her features.

It is known that she has a daughter that some of the group has seen her with in there original encounter however they have not seen her daughter since that time.

The Gypsy

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